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Office Manned 24/7
Office Manned 24/7

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To be recognised as the best
labour provider in the UK by our
staff, customers and competition.

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Invitation to quote for the supply of 3 new minibuses
We invite you to submit a proposal and quotation for the supply of 3 new minibuses. Vital Recruitmen
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Are your current agency suppliers as
pro-active as they could be?

Ever wondered how to you solve your staffing problems at times of crisis or heavy work load?

Vital Recruitment has the solution.

We can offer the flexibility and expertise you need to resolve staffing issues at short notice, across a wide range of industries.

We have a work force in excess of 3,500 people working for us throughout the UK. Vital can provide trained and experienced staff
to fill a short term need or long term requirement. Many of our customers rely on Vital to fully staff their factories in an
ever-changing and seasonal environment.

Our service is an efficient and cost effective solution which means:

No excessive pressure on your existing staff.
No inbuilt surplus necessary in the regular workforce
to cover unexpected or exceptional demand.

When your workforce is of such Vital importance
why chose anyone else?

A specialist workforce for all your recruitment needs!

Production deadlines met at busy times
Greater Productivity
Office Manned 24/7 across the UK
Account managers based on site